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What is Cosmodot?

Cosmodot is a bioinspired technology designed to implement an innovative coding technology to objects, images and sounds that human eyes cannot capture while cameras can.

Cosmodot puts Cdot invisible color pattern on object & print material during its design / manufacturing process and makes it scannable. Cdot settles on every part of the object / print material surface during its normal design, manufacturing or printing process. When Cdotted object / print material is scanned by camera, the user can access any information by connecting to the desired URLs / links.

Digital image, video and sound can be Cdotted as well allowing them to be scanned from cameras too. Cdot settles on every or desired part of the digital image, video and sound during their normal design or making process. When Cdotted digital image, video or sound is scanned with camera, the user access any information by connecting to the desired URLs / links.

How Cosmodot works?

So simple. There are 16 different Cdot codes types used for different purposes. The Cosmodot Generator encodes the selected invisible codes on things / surfaces. The Cosmodot Application scans these things / surfaces. The control board helps to design and manage the interaction and results you want to get. Please drop us a line to info@thecosmodot.com for more information.

Which devices are compatible to scan surfaces encoded with Cosmodot?

All barcode scanning devices, handheld terminals and smartphones with Cosmodot app installed, smartphones with customer’s company / brand app having Cosmodot software installed and all camera systems connected to central systems.

How many invisible cdot codes can be produced at most?

Good news! Cosmodot can generate invisible cdot codes with a permutation calculation on e77. Therefore, it can produce number of codes which are not infinite but close to infinity.

Are the generated cdot codes unique? What is the benefit of these codes being unique?

Yes, cdot codes we produce are unique. Cosmodot enables millions of uniquely coded products to be produced with a single manufacturing / production shift, assigning unique identities to the products, preventing the counterfeits of genuine products, monitoring the life cycles of the products, finding the link between the product and the consumer directly, detecting problems on the basis of the product and much more benefits. For detailed information, we recommend you to visit our page on youtube.

What is the smallest area that can be coded?

In most of the usecases the smallest coding area will be about 1.5mm x 1.5mm.

Is it possible to use multiple invisible cdot codes on a single product or package?

Yes, it is possible to use multiple invisible cdot codes on a specific surface. If you want to prepare a unique user experience with multiple cdot codes, you can contact us at info@thecosmodot.com

Can Cosmodot application be applied to my company application?

Yes. Cosmodot mobile application functions can be applied to all existing mobile applications. Through our own sdk. For details, please contact us at info@thecosmodot.com

How to scan a surface from Cosmodot mobile application?

To scan a surface with cdot, keep the device at least 10 cm to 20 cm away from the surface and focus the camera. When the camera is in focus, scan the surface for 1-3 seconds. After it is scanned, the smartphone alerts the user and a URL link appears at the bottom of the screen. For an audio or video with cdot, when an encoded audio is detected, the smartphone alerts the user and a URL link appears at the bottom of the screen.

How close do I need to be for scanning with Cosmodot mobile application?

This depends on the pattern magnification and the zoom level set in the app, but we do most of our test readings with the device about 10 cm (~ 4 inches) from the host surface.

I could not scan from the Cosmodot mobile application. What should I do?

First of all, you need to make sure that what you want to scan is encoded with cdot. First, verify that the image is well lit to scan. If it's too dark, use the light flash function inside the app. If the image is still not scanned, try changing the distance between the image and your device. Scan accuracy depends on the camera features of the smartphone. If the image is still not scanned, please contact us at info@thecosmodot.com

Is internet access required when scanning with Cosmodot?

Yes, in most cases internet access is required.

Does Cosmodot affect my current printing and production costs?

No, it doesn't. This is the best part of Cosmodot. Cosmodot does not change your current printing and production costs.

Does Cosmodot change my current printing and production system or process?

No it doesn’t. This is one of the great things about Cosmodot. Cosmodot does not bring any change or load to your existing systems or processes.

How many DPI does Cosmodot support?

Minimum required resolution for Home / Office or Commercial printing is 75 DPI, maximum required resolution is 7500 DPI. Minimum required resolution for newspaper is 120 DPI, maximum required resolution is 1200 DPI.

Does Cosmodot have B2C service?

Currently, we only offer our products as a solution in the B2B area. But we will be available in B2C soon. For questions and requests please contact us at info@thecosmodot.com